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The Importance of Your Health


The webster chiropractic care provided in this office is very gentle.  While much of it used to be directed exclusively to the pregnant mother, the practice has done significant expansion in the way of providing gentle care to newborns, infants, children, post partum mothers, and motherhood in general!

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Experienced Knowledge


Gentle adjustments in our office are primarily delivered using an Activator, which is a hand-held adjusting tool that is both gentle and highly specific in adjusting mis-alignments.  We continue to use Activator Protocol in our office exclusively when utilizing the Activator. Dr Jenny is also Webster & Pediatric Certified through the ICPA. 

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Your Health Matters To Me


Families matter. Staying healthy helps families. Healthy families develop healthy communities. Healthy communities change the world.  

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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can be priceless when it comes to staying healthy.  It does not have to hurt to help, and not all chiropractic is the same. We take pride in the fact that our care is frequently shared with friends who have been previously afraid of chiropractic... because it helps, and because it doesn't have to be scary. 


Newborn and First Year of Life

Adjust a two-day old baby?  A two-week old baby? 


Pediatric chiropractic is gentle, safe, and good health starts at birth. 


Prenatal Care and Post Birth

Current research supports our personal experience that chiropractic care is a gentle, natural way for pregnant women to optimally transition through pregnancy and birth with a minimal need for interventions.  

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