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Why Chiropractic?

Why do pregnant mom's need to be adjusted? Because their bodies are supporting two lives. Her body is changing, adapting, growing, and preparing to birth new life. That is a big to-do list!

Why would a newborn need to be adjusted?  Sometimes they are in the womb  positioned all cattywampus.  Maybe because birth is challenging.  There are twists and turns and tight squeezes on little bodies.  It can be long.... or a rapid roller coaster exit.  Regardless of the birth story itself, a newborn may have misalignments in the neck that affect their ability to nurse comfortably, sleep, digest, and adapt to life outside of the womb.  


Toddlers and small children may bump their heads, fall out of bed, tumble down stairs and off of chairs and couches.  They may experience repeated ear infections, chronic illness, growing pains, and digestive issues.  Adjustments of their neck and spines help their bodies fix what is wrong and make them strong. 


Newborn and children adjustments are not  the same as adult adjustments.  It is incredibly gentle. And it is an honor to adjust their little bodies. 


Nursing moms, busy dads, helpful grandparents... who can't use more health?  Chiropractic is a non-invasive alternative approach to healing the body using the ability of the body to know what it needs in order to be healthy.    


We love to help.  Please contact us with your questions on how chiropractic could help you!