Your Frequently Asked Questions- Answered Here


Do you Take Insurance?

Quick Answer:  No. 

Explanation:  I get it. Everyone wants to use the insurance that they put so much money into. But here is the thing: Insurance is for sickness. They pay for diagnosis codes that say you are sick and need medical attention. I am a WELLNESS Chiropractor. My office is to support healthy body functioning.  The care that I provide is to help the body do what it is supposed to do, without the interference that is preventing optimal functioning. 

Bonus:  If you have HSA/Flex cards, I am able to accept most of those. 

Bonus Tip:  Don't ask me if I take insurance. Ask me what I charge. Because I do not charge more than what I myself am willing to pay.  I understand that my clients are mostly single-income families on a budget. My prices, no surprise, do try to take that into consideration.  

Adjust a NEWBORN?????

Yes. Yes. Yes.  

Pediatric chiropractic is VERY different from traditional chiropractic. You can find a ton more information by going to but the short and sweet of it is this:  in my office, I use primarily sustained fingertip contact adjustments on newborns. I also use adjusting tools- buffered by my own thumb- when adjusting for latch/jaw issues. I do not snap or pop baby necks... or anyone's for that matter. I frequently will gently bounce with the babies on an exercise ball  while adjusting their spines. Many babies fall asleep. Pediatric Chiropractors are extensively trained outside of Chiropractic schools.... because babies and children have different needs, different development, and therefore have different adjusting protocols. 

When can I schedule online?

Online scheduling has been tabled indeterminately, There are too many challenges around how I manually coordinate the schedule in order to not run too late on appointments. I am not at 100%, but it is relatively rare that my clients ever have to wait longer than a maximum of 5-7 minutes for their appointments. Having  too  many babies in a row (inevitably someone is late, someone has a blowout, someone needs to eat),  plus then a new client who has questions and extensive history-well, you see how that could make me get very, very late very easily.  Until I can figure out an algorithm for it, I will just have to maintain my current status of appointment scheduler.  

How Often Do I Have To Get Adjusted?

Well, what kinds of things are you doing to help your body hold your adjustments? What kinds of things are you doing to put yourself out of alignment? In general, I really don't want to see you all that often- I would rather that you hold your adjustments and live the life that you love. The reality is that we do dumb things every day that hurt our alignment, and we don't do the smart things that build our core strength and decrease our stress levels. (Myself included).  If you are just starting out caring for your body, you may need to be seen more.  If you do a lot of things that are stressful to your body, I will likely see you more. If you like the way your body feels when it is properly aligned and functioning optimally, I may see you regularly (every 4-6 weeks). But in the end, it is up to you. I am here to provide what I do.  

How often you take advantage of that is up to you.